Hi! I'm Gerardo Quijada

I'm a professional artist from Florida in the United States.
I've had the pleasure to work with hundreds of clients and private collectors throughout my career. I've helped them bring their ideas to life, creating intricate artworks with all-type of subjects, from portraits to full-fledged scenes.

I'm also the founder of HD Stencils LLC, which has helped thousands of airbrush artists boost their professional and recreational artworks.

Since a young age, I've been studying art, and I discovered the airbrush through my formal art education. Of course, I immediately fell in love with it!

Since then, I obsessively focused on applying my learning to the airbrush.
Taking lessons with several artists in various mediums. Gave me additional perspectives to develop my own approach to airbrushing.

I've made it my mission to pass along what I've learned and get others on the same exciting path at a fraction of the effort it has taken me.

That's why I created the Fine Art Airbrush Courses to share my painting experience, helping you master airbrushing at an accelerated rate.

I'll see you inside!

Don't let your love for painting realism go unfulfilled


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